A Fresh-Brewed Idea

Java Me Up® Coffee Bars were born when founder and owner Lisa Newmann, opened the floodgates of innovation with a chocolate java recipe from her cookie repertoire. She created a unique, yet familiar snack, with a nutritionally sound ingredient mix of organic, shade-grown coffee, chocolate, toasted whole grains and a variety of tasty, crunchy seeds.




A Barista Tastebud Party

Boost your afternoon with Java Me Up® Coffee Bars in the office, at the gym, on the road or at your desk. Keep them in your backpack and briefcase to enjoy them while working or working out. We currently have two coffee-fueled flavors, Café Mocha and Caramel Macchiato. More to come.

Java Me Up® was validated and vetted in consumer tests, receiving rave reviews for a novel, antioxidant-rich coffee-that-never-spills® concept. Each chocolate-dipped, coffee-infused bar provides the equivalent of half a cup of joe, plus natural slow-burning oats, tasty seeds and sometimes nuts. It’s a tastebud party. The originality and branding was blogged about by the WeWork Creator – What Makes Us Fall in Love with Certain Brands? 

CoffeeSnacks, Inc is a Massachusetts-based snack company. The snacks are available to businesses and directly to consumers. Order by the bag, the box, the case, the pallet or the truckload.

About The Coffee

We know our growers through our roasters — Berkshire-based Six Depot Roastery in West Stockbridge. These bars celebrate the villages where the coffee beans are harvested and the commitment from our roasters, about the coffee we use, is this:

• The beans are from the top 10% of the Arabica species. Arabica trees produce a more delicate, flavorful coffee. • Shade-grown in a natural environment of varied stories of trees, friendly to migrating birds, producing better coffee, and eliminating the need for pesticides. • Hand-picked on mountain terraces and graded for excellence. • Purchased from farms or co-ops that go beyond paying a fair wage. They are small farms and co-ops, and the proceeds from their premium products go directly to the growers and their communities to provide schools, health clinics and clean water. • Grown using organic and sustainable methods. All of our coffee is traceable to the farm where their practices are documented for no pesticides, sustainability, natural fertilizers and compost.


Lisa Newmann, Founder and Formulator

    Coffee Snacks Inc was founded and is owned by Lisa Newmann, a coffee and healthy snack enthusiast. Lisa began her illustrious food industry career with a cookie company in Boston — Sensational Cookies: 38 varieties of chocolate chip cookies. The company was sold to an international bakery “looking for good, fun cookies” and, variety being the spice of life, Lisa continued to develop, market and manufacture compelling, award-winning snacks throughout her career.

    After receiving an Award of Excellence by Julia Child and The American Institute of Wine and Food, Lisa was inspired to continue providing real food in an industry that was becoming increasingly artificial: “Snacks, eaten most frequently and innocently by a hurried American public, can and should be a source of nutritional balance and memorable taste,” said Newmann in an address she gave at the Food Innovation Summit in 2011.

    Newmann’s products have been celebrated by consumers, physicians and industry publications for their "healthy ingredients and bonus of great taste,” earning the reputation: Insanely tasty. Crazy smart.


    Lisa Newmann's Inspiration (and Test Kitchen View)

    The Berkshires, in western Massachusetts, breeds creativity. The air, the farms, the traditions of eating real food, meditating and mindfulness, music and art, a deliberate, caring lifestyle from which to address the world’s challenges. We’re lucky. In appreciation of our position in this graceful place, we support our growers and roasters and offer a healthier option of snacks to our customers. Real food, easy to understand, antioxidant-rich, delicious.