Thank You, QVC!

My First Experience on QVC with Java Me Up:  An Ode to Leah & Bonnie 

by Lisa Newmann

Java Me Up made its debut on QVC.  Our two coffee bars, Caramel Macchiato and Café Mocha, were featured on a segment of the Gourmet Holiday Show, along with our story and the enthusiasm of the host — Leah Williams. 

It’s a daunting experience, knowing you have 7 minutes to be engaging, sell through projected inventory and be considered by QVC for repeat performances.  Daunting doesn’t begin to describe the feeling I had as I walked onto the set with cameras rolling. 

 As I was walked to the set, the advice from the guide walking me in was:  “Be in the moment. Be yourself and you’ll be fine. Be informative, but only in a few words. Remind the viewer about the softness of the product frequently.  There are new viewers every 45 seconds, so be repetitive. Talk about how the product is different from others. Speak to the coffee and bring people to the villages of the shade grown beans.  Oh, and don’t forget to stand close to the host — the camera separates you.” 

OK, ready.  Wait, what?  Do what? Say what, when? How many times?

The table before me was gorgeous — filled with a display of wrapped, colorful coffee bars, naked bars for breaking open on camera, and beautifully styled uses for Java Me Up beyond the convenience of purse and the backpack storage.  In fact, if I could have had the presence of mind to come out of a shy shell and recognize the breakfast parfait of yogurt, café mocha and berries beautifully composed by Bonnie, the QVC food stylist, I would have celebrated Bonnie on the spot. Next time, Bonnie! 

Leah Williams, the host, was magical.  She jumped in and asked good questions.  Her enthusiasm took over, she ate and “yummed” and people began ordering.  And, as I began to have fun and come out of my shell — it was over.

Phone calls from viewers are pouring in and customers are re-ordering. And I keep re-running the show in my head. Hopefully, we’ll have another chance to shine on the well-lit, beautifully designed and enthusiastically broadcast show that is QVC.

This post is to honor Bonnie for making the table so exquisite and to Leah for her enthusiasm — and her “Julia Child welcome hug.”

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