Energy Bars Powered by 100% Organic Coffee

Made with only sustainably-farmed, locally-roasted, shade-grown coffee

- Natural Caffeine Energy
- Antioxidant Rich
- Whole Grain Goodness
- Crafted for Exhilarating Taste

Crafted for taste from Dark Chocolate Melted with Espresso and Toasted Oats

Powered by 100% shade grown, organic coffee

- The world's oldest & most natural source of energy
- A shot of Espresso in every bar
- Designed with the Specialty Coffee lover in mind
- Two popular, sensational, mouth-watering Coffee House flavor variations: Caramel Macchiato & Café Mocha

Caffeine energy derived directly from organic coffee beans:

- Beans roasted and ground - with the grindings in the recipe
- No 'hyper-caffeination' or 'caffeine powder'
- A minimum of 35 mg of caffeine per serving

A Smart, Balanced & Nutritious Choice of Energy Bar

8-9 grams Whole Grains
5-6 grams Protein
4-5 grams Fiber
Antioxidant Rich
160-170 Calories
8-9 grams Sugar



A disruptive, new energy entry for your stores and operations!

- Tapping trending industry platforms - Organic Coffee, Energy Products, Healthy Snacking, Convenience.
-Premium SRP's
-Strong Margins
- Easy to Handle and Explain



For more information on how to bring Java Me Up Coffee-Fueled Energy Bars to your stores and locations, contact:
Brian Hubbard @ or 978-460-5706